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How It Works


How-It-Works-Infographic2Four easy steps to sample life on the organic side:

  1. Sign up. Visit the Join Now page for details.
  2. Select one of our basket options, in either Weekly or Bi-weekly intervals.
  3. Select your method of payment.
  4. Check the Weekly Specials page every week to see what’s in your upcoming basket.

Basket Sizes and Contents

Contents of the baskets change from week to week based on seasonal availability and variety from week to week.

On Fridays, we send out an e-mail to all of our members with that week’s produce selection and recipes that showcases that weeks produce.

Single Harvest – Approximately 5-6 lbs of produce recommended for 1-2 people/week.
Basic Harvest – Approximately 9 lbs of produce recommended for 2-3 people/week.
Family Harvest – Approximately 15 lbs of produce recommended for 3-4 people/week.
Grande Harvest – Approximately 20 lbs of produce recommended for 4+ people/week.
Healthy Kids Basket – A selection of approximately 9lbs which is heavy on the fruit but includes some veggies.  A new offering that some of our junior members helped us design.


We deliver between 7AM and 7PM on Mondays and Tuesdays. We will assign your delivery day and approximate time based on the area of town where you live. Routes are designed to minimize the fuel costs of delivery which keeps us price competitive and lowers the food miles. You do not have to be home when the driver arrives. Just leave a large cooler with ice or ice packs by your front door. We’ll be happy to unload the produce into your cooler so it will be waiting for you when you get home.


We bill on a weekly basis on your delivery days. Your exact monthly bill depends on the basket size you selected and the number of delivery weeks within the month. The delivery fee is included in your basket price. You can either pay your driver (cash or check) on the  delivery day. If you’re paying by cash or check, we must have a credit card on file prior to delivery. PLEASE CONTACT US