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Why Organic?

    • #1 Produce au naturale
      Organic farming employs techniques that are free from chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers.  Buying organic produce keeps these chemicals off of your plate, lowering the risks of chemically induced cancers and illnesses for you and your family. This is especially true for pregnant women, babies and young children who are more susceptible to toxic chemicals and pesticides.
    • #2 Real Food. Unreal Flavor
      Organic crops are not chemically forced into growth, which allows for the flavors and nutritional value to develop naturally. They say there is a good reason why many top chefs now use organic foods in their recipes. We say you have to taste it to believe it.
    • #3 The dirt on organic produce
      Organic produce is good for the farmer and the environment. Organic farmers and their workers are not exposed to toxic chemicals. Organic farming is better for the soil in which it grows, keeping it nutrient rich and less likely to erode.  And lastly, organic farming produces no damaging chemical run off into our rivers and streams.
    • #4 Eat your veggies and reduce food miles
      “Food miles” is a measure of the distance food travels from field to plate. Agriculture and food now account for nearly 30 percent of goods transported on our roads. This travel adds substantially to the carbon emissions that are contributing to climate change, which is why food miles matter. Buying local reduces food miles and the overall carbon footprint of the agriculture industry. By buying local, you’re helping the environment.
    • #5 Flavors that vary with the seasons. Quality that never changes
      Seasonality and variety are the by-products of buying local organic produce. Our produce and recipes change as the seasons change. We embrace this seasonality and encourage you to enjoy the interesting variety that our local growers bring us throughout the year.