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Why Palmetto Organics?

  • Farmer's Market Fresh Organic Produce at your front door.
  • We Buy Certified Organic Produce and sustainably grown produce. NEVER CONVENTIONAL.
  • Free Delivery, and you don't even need to be there! Need to go on vacation? No worries ... your service stops and restarts automatically when you return home.
  • Easily add local coffee, honey or grains to your orders whenever you’re running low.
  • Save Money, Gas, and Time. Competitive prices and total convenience so you can skip the grocery lines, traffic, and parking.
  • Creative Weekly Recipes that you’ll love, written for what’s in that week's bag.

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How It Works

See how we can bring fresh, organic produce straight from the farm to your door.

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Why Organics?

The best reasons for being healthy, staying healthy, & supporting local businesses.

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Featured Recipes

Recipes everyone will love, written for what we've put in your weekly produce bag.

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