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 Where does your produce come from, is it all LOCAL?

A large portion of our produce comes from Florida.  When in season up to 85% is Florida based with upwards of 50% being local. Our definition of  LOCAL  is within 125 miles. There are only a few Certified Organic Farms in NE Florida, and we have direct access to them. Depending upon availability, seasonality and variety we do purchased produce from other sources ( states, countries). Florida’s growing season is from October through June. We ourselves just started a partnership with a local school, Seaside Community Charter in Atlantic Beach, to help teach children where food comes from and how to grow it.  We have an ongoing project of building the minifarm, that is based on permaculture techniques and  modern organic farming pricipals.  We will make produce available to our customers as we grow. Our GOAL is to teach about sustainability and production on a small plot. DOES IT GET MORE LOCAL THAN THAT??

Example of non local/seasonal items:  Tropical fruits such as bananas, mangoes etc. most are grown outside of the US.  Another example would be apples, most are grown in the Northwest US when in season. There are two seasons the second is in our spring that come from South America.

 How do I sign up for multilpe subscriptions or extra items?

  First you need to choose one subscription and sign up for the service.  Then after your payment information is confirmed you can go back anytime an add extras subscriptions or grocery items.

 Can I switch my bag from week to week?

 Yes, as long as we have enough notice we can switch your bag from week to week.  Some customers schedule a Kids bag one week and a Basic bag for another. We prefer to know when we start the ordering process on Thursdays of bag changes.  We do ask that no change be made/or allowed after 2pm Saturday before delivery.

 Is all your 100% organic?

 Yes, all produce is 95% Certified USDA Organic.  If produce is from out of the country it is all USDA Certified Organics, Country of Origin Certified Organic, and third party Certified Organic. Any items that we grow will not be certified.

 How does the billing work?

 We do accept payment on a weekly basis by check or cash, a credit card is necessary to have on file. If you are a Biweekly customer we charge per delivery, twice a month.  If you are a weekly customer we charge your credit card every week.

 What should I do if I need to go away and cannot receive a delivery?

 We need to be contacted the Saturday before delivery so we may adjust our purchase order. No later than Saturday at 2pm. Customers will be charged if cancellations are made after that deadline. An email must be sent so that we are notified of the delivery hold.

At the time of notification we would put the customers delivery on HOLD till the next delivery date or other specified date.

 Commitment to Growers

We make a commitment to our network of farmers to buy a certain quantity of produce for each seasonal harvest. We ask you to make a similar commitment to us by agreeing to a minimum of three months of service.

 Personal Exclusions & Special Orders

When you join you can let us know what items you don’t ever want to receive, for dietary or personal preference needs, and we’ll make sure we replace those items with an alternative each week.  Also, we will do our best to accommodate requests for additional quantities (additional fruit, vegetable or salad mix quantities) or specialty items (organic juice, coffee, dried fruit or nuts).   This additional service is limited to our members who subscribe to one of our monthly basket options as an add-on service.

 Delivery Hold

We understand that customers may not be home for every delivery, due to vacations, traveling, family obligations. We ask to be notified by the Saturday before delivery by 2pm, so that adjustments maybe made. If holds or cancellations of deliveries are later than that time, 5pm the Saturday before delivery, we charge the full bag cost wether a delivery is made or not. An email must be sent to us for all delivery HOLDs or change of date delivery. You may put your account on HOLD in the system, but the system is not designed to send us an email verification.

 Cancelation Policy

All cancelations require an email sent to us by 5 PM Saturday prior to delivery. Any cancelations made after this time will be charged, as the produce for that weeks delivery has been purchased. You may also cancel on the website, but without a written email we will not confirm cancelations.All cancelation of accounts that are done verbily must also be cancelled online by the customer who created their account. Failure to do will result in the autopay service to keep charging your card on file. If there is an issue with overcharges due to not canceling your account through the website, we, of course will refund, for any charges made for deliveries not received.


By signing up for this service, you agree to have read and understood all of the above. We in no way are trying to take advantage of anyone, we are a simple small business with the goal to feed YOU with fresh organic produce!